A Marketing Strategist with a focus on Health, Fitness and Sustainability.

My experience started at Susan G. Komen Italia as an event manager and fundraising manager.

In 2014 I began my path with the UN FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) at its meeting facilities.

In 2015 I moved to New Zealand where I worked for Les Mills, New Zealand’s largest commercial fitness brand with a cumulative 50,000 members. I gained experience as a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor.

Since I was young, I always had an interest in the behavior of people which led me to my studies in Psychology, Counseling and Life Coaching.

In the past 5 years my main focus has been improving my Marketing and Social Media skills through non stop personal studies and managing several projects.

Since what happened in 2020 I took the decision to shift my interest mainly to Health, Fitness and Sustainability.

I want to use the skills and knowledge I acquired in a useful way for individuals and our planet Earth.

Elisa Barchiesi

Social Media Marketing

Most businesses have some or a large part of their target audience across various social media platforms. If you follow a well-crafted strategy and choose the right platform, you can market your products and services to attract new customers and build brand loyalty. I can help you identify the right platform(s) where you can reach out to your target audience with ease.

Content Strategy

Having a good content strategy is a must for growing a business in the long run. You have to understand your target audience, business requirements, and many other aspects in check. I can help you make a well-structured content strategy that caters to the specific needs of your business and helps you maximise your efficiency.

Business Plan

Understanding your business requirements comes with a thorough analysis of your target customers’ requirements. By having my professional help, I can help you find the right ways to boost sales by designing a specifically catered business plan. I will help you plan upcoming products and services.