Charcoal Bamboo facial Brush with nanofibre Bristles and wooden Handle



1 x ultra-soft facial cleansing and massage brush has bamboo charcoal nanofibre bristles and wooden handle with a cotton cord for hanging to dry


  • Daily facial cleansing to free-up your skin from make-up residues or oil film and dead skin cells. Deep clean to get rid of clogged pores on your face to reduce wrinkles and blemished skin to enhance a healthy-looking skin
  • For a dry or wet massage to stimulate the blood circulation and improve the supply of nutrients and cell renewal and can be applied on your face, neck and cleavage. This brush is perfect for applying shaving foam as well.
  • You also must clean the brush thoroughly. Rinse the brush under running water after usage and store at a dry place so that no bacteria are deposited in the natural bristles
  • Our bamboo nanofibers bristle¬†brush is reusable and plastic-free, it reduces plastic waste for a sustainable lifestyle. The brush is delivered in a plastic-free and eco-friendly packaging

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