Reducing plastic use

Continuous use of plastic is harming the environment badly. Most of the plastic is non-degradable, which means it stays on the earth and pollutes the environment. So, it is crucial to adopt plastic-free living to reduce the amount of plastic we produce every year. 

Plastic-free living means that one has to avoid or minimise the use of plastic-based products. In other words, we can reduce the use of plastic by substituting it with environment-friendly material. The ways given below are not meant to be overwhelming but show you how it is possible.

Choose the ways that seem appropriate and can make an impact. No one can do it alone or at once, but we can get started. Let us look at the ways that can help you reduce the use of plastic. 

1. Use recyclable bags: A single plastic bag can take up to 1000 years to degrade fully. You can reduce the use of these bags by purchasing or using your biodegradable bags. It is advisable to keep the reusable shopping bags car to avoid using plastic bags. 

2. Use Stainless steel bottles and a cup of coffee: When travelling places, everyone needs water or coffee. Most of the drinks today come in plastic bottles or disposable cups. To avoid using them, you can carry around stainless bottles or mugs for use.

3. Invest in reusable containers: Bringing your takeaway container, cups, mugs and utensils with you when you go out to a picnic. In this way, you won’t waste any packaging. Cutleries and other utensils made of plastic are replaceable with stainless ones to reduce the use of plastic.

4. Buy in bulk wherever possible: It is crucial to shop in bulk, whether it is for personal stuff, grocery, hardware products or any other product that comes in plastic packaging. When you shop in bulk, you can minimise the use of plastic for packaging.

5. Try bamboo toothbrushes instead of plastic ones: Do you know the most common piece of trash found in the ocean is plastic toothbrushes. But with the help of bamboo brushes, which are an environment-friendly alternative, we can reduce the pile of plastic. You can also repurpose used bamboo brushes to clean your house. 

6. Use bar soap instead of liquid: Many people worry that sharing a soap is less sanitary than sharing a bottle of liquid soap. But if we think wisely, a soap gets rinsed every time, but a plastic pump is not. So, it is better to use soap as it can help you avoid unnecessarily purchase of plastic bottles.

7. Repair things when they break: Repairing stuff in the house or outside instead of replacing them with new ones helps you reduce the use of non-renewable products. It is a big step towards a plastic-free lifestyle.


Choosing a plastic-free life can be overwhelming at first, but it can do wonders for our environment. Choose the things that you can do easily and start contributing towards building a healthy and sustainable environment.

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