The Importance of interacting with your Followers

Social media has turned out to be a major customer service centre for businesses of all scales. Any customer can gather information, provide feedback for the service, ask questions or place complaints through various social media platforms and websites.

Best practices over social media marketing

First and the most important thing that you need to do for your company is to give a proper comprehensive description of your company. The ‘About’ section can itself answer a variety of questions of the customer. After providing this information, the next most important thing to do is interact on social media platforms.

Why is interaction over social media important?
Well, people tend to put their queries on social media. They would know that you care about your customers only if you could respond to these queries. It helps not only in keeping your existing customers with you, but you also tend to gain customers over their reviews on social media platforms. People talk and when you don’t provide services, people will know. So make sure to make your existing customers happy along with expanding your business. Customers would expect that you will respond to their queries, but most researchers have found that the response time of businesses is slower than the expectations of the customers. This delay can have bad impacts on your business.

How can you meet the expected response time of your customers?

If you want to provide good services to the majority of your customers, you need to be active on major social media platforms. Platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat can be important for most businesses. Also, you need to regularly respond to queries on your email. You can invite your customers for details regarding their queries on email. It is a good way to manage all of the queries on a timely basis.

How to handle negative social media feedback? Mostly, people post on social media when they are happy with a service or when they are deeply disappointed. So, when you encounter any negative social media comments, tackle the negative feedback with these 3 tactics.

  • Never delete or ignore: Deleting the negative feedback and pretending that it never happened is not a good strategy, instead try to get more information from the original reviewer so that you can reach the depths of the problem and solve it from roots so that you can provide better services. Similarly, do not ignore, try to respond to the feedback. If you are looking to solve the issues, then tell your customers.
  • Take it as an opportunity: Negative feedback comes with an opportunity to convert an unsatisfied customer into the one that advocates your brand. People like personal attention and when you help them tackle a situation in which they are caught, they turn out to be a happy customer.
  • Keep an eye over troll traps: Try to save your time by keeping heads away from traps. It is usually difficult to distinguish traps but mostly they can be identified through certain clues. Usually, they have poor grammar, they are unable to provide specific details, or are typed in capitals.

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